Now after a long time without updates I thought I should post new stuff, and also include some info on what’s been happening since graduating from Animation Mentor.
Frankly, a lot has changed since then. After returning from a 3-week trip in the US in the summer of 2010, part of which was the graduation ceremony and the Siggraph conference in L.A., I accepted an offer from DreamWorks Animation and started as an animator in Glendale about 3 months later.
Since then I’ve worked on three movies at DreamWorks, starting with Kung Fu Panda 2. I also worked on Puss in Boots for a little while, whereas most of my time was spent animating on The Croods, the new movie from Chris Sanders, co-directed by Kirk DeMicco. It’s been a fantastic experience so far and I’m learning a lot. The film will be released in March 2013, mark your calendars!
There is not a lot of info about it so far, a facebook page with an early marketing poster, and a promotional poster drawn by Chris Sanders himself.

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